Step 1: Sign the Frontive Health consent form

Step 2: Go to to register

IMPORTANT: The mobile phone number and email for Frontive Health must MATCH the information in your doctor's record. Otherwise, we cannot identify your health record.
  • Select "New Account" and complete the form.
  • Select "Send" to receive a validation code and activate your account.
  • Your health record will be matched to your Frontive Health account.

Step 3: Login and start using Frontive Health

  • Login to Frontive Health.
  • You should see your Frontive Health Briefing as shown below.

  • Check to make sure the Procedure Information in the header is correct.
  • Start using Frontive Health.

The daily Health Briefing instructions typically start 14 days before your procedure date and automatically update each day until the end of your protocol. However, this may vary based upon your surgeon's preferences.