Within the 'Medication' tab, the Suggested Med Schedule provides an approximate guide to help users organize their various medications by time-of-day.

NOTE: Medications and dosages are based on your doctor's Standard Protocol. Your individual instructions may vary. ALWAYS follow specific instructions provided by your doctor or other healthcare professionals.

The Suggested Med Schedule provides users with:

  • Active medications for TODAY ONLY, as shown at the top of the page
  • Dosage for each active medication
  • Various times-of-day (columns) corresponding to the suggested Standard Protocol dosing schedule (NOTE: these are 'suggested' times only)
  • A Legend to instruct users on how drugs should be taken:
    • As directed - follow prescription strictly as written
    • As needed - only take medication if there's a need (e.g., for pain)
    • With full glass of water

NOTE: Times shown are SUGGESTED only but are written to correspond to the dosing schedule for the medications shown on the page.